Village of Northbrook
Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


The Village of Northbrook has retained Alta Planning + Design and subconsultant Christopher Burke Engineering to prepare a Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The Village is located in an area of high-quality trails that include the Green Bay Trail, North Branch Trail, Skokie Lagoons / North Shore Trail, portions of the Skokie Valley Trail, and the Des Plaines River Trail. Local planning initiatives in nearby municipalities have made progress in closing gaps to walking and bicycling through a coordinated approach of extending trails, constructing a network of on-street bicycle facilities, and improving walking paths, sidewalks, and intersections.

This plan will help Northbrook to develop a network of facilities that improve walking and bicycling in the Village, coordinate with the varies roadway agencies who have jurisdiction over roadways in Northbrook, and engage residents, employers, and other interested parties to improve education, encouragement, and enforcement of the rules of the road when it comes to those who walk, drive, or use a bicycle in Northbrook.

The plan has progressed to the approval stage and will be reviewed by the Village Board. The pubic open house to present the Draft Plan was held on May 2, 2018 at the Village Hall, where we talked with attendees about comments and ideas they had for the plan. The revised Draft Plan document and associated appendices to the plan, based on comments can be found by clicking the links below under documents.  The previous draft is also located below.

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Throughout the planning process, the community will be invited to meetings and events to review, discuss, and provide feedback on proposed projects. Details of upcoming events will be posted on the website and emailed to you if you sign-up for our announcement list. Your participation will help to inform how we plan for the future of the Village of Northbrook.

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Past Events

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Below are plan materials including open house presentations, display boards, as well as draft and final plan documents for review. Public comments both in-person and online throughout the process helped to to ensure the Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is representative of the desires and needs of the Village of Northbrook.